Inspiring photo. Thanks to National Geographic for its space images of first week of June.
Now since I've been writing here about the V_clouds and now comparing them with the above which the editor called an "Arrow", I also will be calling this an arrow cloud. The arrow in the sun image above, are two filaments meeting at a point. If you look closely, it is really a short side and a longer side. Each of these lines are a million miles long. Amazing. The V_cloud isn't lost, it appears quite often in the daytime sky and at times, I must admit, I've been seeing it recently and sometimes it becomes an entire triangle! The other night in fact, the tip of a triangle cloud seemed to touch one of the stars in the Libra constellation. Quite a sight. Since the moon is rising so early in the morning, around 1am where I am, it's easy to see Saturn and so on. Neptune is coming up tonight and for the next 3 days, but we need a telescope or binoculars to see these planets. However, we're chasing clouds not planets.

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