- Sky Eyes -


Glorious sky image

The colored areas are for easy discovery of detail.
Place mouse over picture to see original non-edited image.

Green circled area: 40 or 4000

Here is 40. Is that a snow roller or two?

Here, the concentrated (tan circle) area of the face!
Is this GODS FACE?

Here is a male face. A forehead, prominent nose,
eye areas, cheekbone, a mustache near bottom and
chin. Repeated view may seem to appear
as a winter coat is added to head.

A swan, duck, goose head, clear as day,
forming the letter C as in Christ.
Clear as day

The next 3 pictures:
The first two taken continuously, directly below and the third (solo) taken 2 minutes later
showing just what a few minutes does while observing SKY ART, the clouds.

The first image is the top of the image under it. So naturally, the rollover image is the bottom part of the same image. Not mentioned before, it appears a very large FISH is the center of attention here. Yet as we look above, (the first image), we see the fish may be a calling to look up, where we examined the upper portion earlier.

This picture appears to have black cross
with a distinguishable "A" below it.

Lastly (for now), do you see anything else?
Keep looking up and realize someone is signaling us.