An explanation of this sight.

I want to mention that on TV, on the NASA FILES program, they show actual video footage of small round objects in the sky that appear to be under intelligent control as they move in unexpected ways. That is travel one way, then abruptly turn and continue in a different direction.

Now, this is the same movement I am trying to explain, here.


Origins of Religion?

I'm the first to admit I am not an archeologist or know much of the subject, but I have come to believe that most of the discoveries regarding tombs, pyramids, underground halls and discoveries of kings, queens, their made up Gods, Isis, Horus, etc and other artifacts, discoveries of metals and the arrangement of such items in these areas, all come down to one specific reason, which may be the origin of the Egyptian Religion and other religions as well.

Above is the image of the Flail (the V section) and the crook, the canelike object.

These are clouds. Figure like, amazingly accurate, though I must admit, it's my first time actually seeing a Flail. The crook sightings amaze me as well.

1. I must mention here the Flail is actually, a moving item.
2. The Crook object is often seen in the sky, high near the zenith on a sunny day. This is a stationary cloud. I see it on occasion. Have you?

The V cloud, depicted here as a gold emblem with beads. The Crook as a striped cane.

The V shape indicates the movement of this emblem. Altogether now? Imagine a vision at night, a white moving cloud coming toward you. A pair of black lines surrounded by white. Got the vision? Ok, now.... imagine it's flying downward, but still high in the dark starless night. So, we are seeing this slowly moving cloud. Then abruptly, it changes direction and heads back toward the skies.

Taking this emblem apart to explain the vision:

The V shaped icon is called the Flail. The cane-like is the Crook.

A. Starting with the bottom part of the Flail, the thicker section, we see the gold with black lines in between. This is the white cloud and its travel path.

B. Then the colorful beads. The beads soley represent the beginning and end of the different characteristics of this emblem. These represent an area where this section of white ceases and another section begins.

C. The next section is just 3 black lines which are indicators again of the travel path.

D. Then once again, beads to indicate the black travel lines have stopped and the white of the cloud continues.

E. Then we reach the curved section which is undeniably a curve in which the Flail turns the opposite direction. This area is gold with no other indications there is anything else happening in this area, except the turning. Once "turned", it becomes one piece which becomes the "V" white cloud dissipating into the dark starless night sky, as a white elongated cloud.

This is a view of a meteor thru space. The black lines here represent the backgound of the sky possibly. The whiteness is the cloud being created through the movement of the rock, meteor we see here. The vision I saw, had no meteor in front of it. No rock, no meteor. Just the moving, turning and escalating skyward object, the cloud. The V cloud or the pyramid cloud.

This was my vision and I then began my search of religions, heiroglyphs on anything related to this vision. Soon i discovered the Flail and can find no better proof for such a comparison.

We should notice the designs of these artifacts that we are finding, as most of these relate to this one specific origin. The V_cloud, or better known by it's nightime visibility movement as the Flail of the night.

I have mentioned and shown pictures of this night vision and compared it with the heiroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians. The resemblance is uncanny.

Finally,there is undeniable proof that this celestial sight was seen during the Egyptians' years,as well as other dynasties on earth and around the world such as in the ancient writings in Bolivia and Nazca lines in Peru. The fact, the Nazca lines and other drawings on the earth's surface that can be seen only from the air, is a strong indication that man is trying to communicate, answer or mirror the stars.

The only reason I can see that one might want to do that with so much effort as within the tombs,is that man is responding to a celestial vision and is attempting to acquire a status in the heavens. Since man is not the source, since he is responding, it must be that the stars initiated the sequence, or conversation if you will.

For another example, and giving due credit to Ancient Aliens (tv show), the Lord of CPAN (pronounced "sea Pan' or 'Sea pond') was buried with many others so that they would protect him and live on with him into the afterlife. Looking at the remains of this "Cpan lord", copper was placed over him. The body is laid face up with the 2 copper arms outstreched with the fingers closely together also pointing upward! The fingers, all close together and the arms in this "V" position should and do tell us that "something" is needed to be looked at more closely. Is the position of his hands and arms reflecting "something" worthy? The indication of this "lords" last move?

What can be so important that these figures are all indicating the same sight?

When the tv show mentions of the strange statues that were placed there as well, they revert that it's proof of ancient aliens.

These wide-eyed "aliens", the gawkers, that surround the corpse are specifically telling us something. Isn't this a verified evidence of something relating to something seen? Of course it is.

Another brief example, (again taken from Ancient Aliens, tv show), the boat shaped coffins, (much like the letter 'U'), and the rituals of the (prounounced phonetically "ter ah shint") people from South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Their cave tombs date back to 3000 bc. They believed death is a process of afterlife. The word Terasha (forgive my spelling), means "the people from above", and their belief is that is where their ancestors came from, from these airships. Their elaborate coffins resemble these ships. They are also in the form of a 'U'! The coming of something and its returning from whence it came.

Again, if the ancient aliens theory is explained, they were built to resemble their flying airships, yet, the design of it, is inexplicably the same as the celestial sight. Could it be that man, thru generations of this particular unseen celestial event, transposed the meaning to a more down to earth definition as opposed to a celestial sight that may or may not have actually happened according to them.

Now taking this copper design, the hands are outstreached as are the fingers, where the elbows meet the legs and feet, there, in the middle is a sculptured man, with a round head, darkness around the pink eyes, wearing green wristlets with an upside down pyramid type writings known and pronounced as ( cue knee a form). This particular writing is one of the earliest form of writing, earlier than heiroglyphs!! This mans' arms are spread like Wings?

Then there is a green (blue & green are an often used colors associated with ancient times) "V" shaped ornament with a wide eyed face by it. Is this another indication of what was seen?

By way of hieroglyphs and art, have we been told of these celestial events these people witnessed and were struck in awe? That with their strong belief, indicate their last movements on earth with these signs? Of course.

So, when you notice, for example, a pharaohs' position in his sealed tomb. Arm over arm, each hand holding the flail and the crook. These 2 objects are the "vision" seen and man is only mirroring what he has seen. It is such an incredible sight to see such a movement in the sky, that defies all today's physics! Imagine the surprise of the seers, that is the ones who witnessed such an event. Were they pharaohs who witnessed this or was it their staff or who was it? Is it posssible that whoever it was that actually saw these visions are represented with their eyes OPENED? How many times is a Pharoh coffin buried with their eyes opened or closed? Are these signs that the one that sees is the actual seer? So what we are seeing in these digs is the actual reality of who saw what? In all these heiroglyphs that we see as well as the final moments of these great people that are expressing their visions in their last moments on earth can only be that man is honoring the GODS they have invented to mirror their visions. The stong indications such as the EYE, the curved cane (crook) and the Flail are what are being cherished and exploited as everlasting monikers on earth.

These pages are dedicated to my belief that these 2 celestial events, the crook and flail, are the original and same sights Egyptians and others have seen and have expressed their concerns by idolizing them. Many of the heiroglyphs we have found thruout our earth describe these 2 celestial events. It is only determination to continue to believe in this fact that will unlock the true nature of these heiroglyphs.

The reasons why BIG EYED statues were made, describing the awe in what is being seen. Other times with eyes closed, meaning they were not the original seer. Though with eyes opened may mean this person was the original seer, it also may not. With eyes closed will certainly mean, unseen.

So can the meaning of the open eyes, the Egyptian Eye (of Horus), all be clues? I believe so. They are clues and that is how we are acknowledging the words we have been able to decipher, however, though we may suggest physical aliens, my direction is skyward, movement of the non-physical. Look at the clues. Most every heiroglyph contain a bird, feathers, something to do with the sky, being airborne. The sun on the head of Isis. The horns which inexplicably indicate something came down from the stars and abruptly turned toward the skies once again, ie, the Flail. All indications of the heavens above. Where else would these ideas come from, but from something that actually happened.

The definitions of ancient aliens may be a plauseable one, but I am leaning toward that these facts have nothing to do with extra terrestials, but more celestial events, such as nebula, clouds, etc. If there are extra terrestials, they, like us were created by GOD. Many insist they are our future looking back at us. Who are they and do they really exist? That is a subject and one that is not being thoroughly expanded within these pages.

Although extra terrestials is a common theory, a celestial event is more plausible. Though I strongly oppose of this alien type thinking, and my belief is that these strange characters that were made and buried alongside their leaders, lend to the story of celestial events and not aliens' physical visit, the fact that UFO'S have been seen worldwide cannot be ignored. The fact also, these aliens have fast ufos, robotic and otherwise, can disappear, can accelerate quickly and in so many ways, their technologies are way beyond our capabilities at the moment, it's also difficult to believe in something sight unseen. I personally need to see something to believe it.

Let's say that the purpose of the reinactments of these celestial sights are made so as to please GOD. The purpose being such. However, GOD may see these reinactments but along with the reinactments come other indications of living up to GODS laws. Did the people of these times abide by these laws or were these sights seen and only re-created to the best of mankind without revealing exactly what was seen due to the impossibility of mankind to accept this vision? Is this why these celestial events are depicted in various ways, yet looking closely, one should be able to see that these are true celestial events witnessed by a few yet described by so many.

And as for the pharaohs, and other rich men buried in such tombs. Is being buried with these objects that depict these sights, an honor? Of course, there could be no higher honor.

I also tend to think that the pyramids were created in honor of this vision. The pyramids of Giza. There are 3 there and a Sphinx. Two of the pyramids are about the same size, yet the third is much smaller. Another revealing clue? The V that appears between the created 2 or more pyramids, also are good indications, the Egyptians were "talking" to their GODS as many ways as possible. Next time you come across the V shape while researching, think of these pages. It may have you do a bit more research and come to the same conclusions. Then we are certainly making improvements toward a more rational realization of the aspects of the origins of religion.

If anyone has seen these clouds, the crook and flail, I urge you to tell everyone about it. I feel as if this vision has been seen by others, yet it is being kept as an "insiders" secret, unavailable to the general public. It's as if man created this emblem on his own. Yet this is very doubtful. See, there is the jewelry, but what of the meaning?

Enjoy the pages on this sight. The celestial events are not made up, they are actual celestial events that I have personally seen and taken pictures of where possible.

Keep looking up at the skies. Spread the word with what you see.

If you download any images, they may be larger than they appear here.

Copyright information: Most images are mine. There are one or two and possibly some from the television show Ancient Aliens.


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