Continuing on the V subject, as in the pictures directly below, a new viewing is added. Because, an UFO has been spotted but the picture is lost. It's probably here. Let's look. Read below.

Here are some of my latest photos. I am adding them little by little. They should all be uploaded by Jan 14, 2016. In one of the images on this page, may be the UFO seen by me earlier. Looking through my piles of endless photo shots, I spotted this image and why it left my grasp, I don't know. But I am assuming it is here, among the photos uploaded. Let's look for the UFO. There's a $50 reward!! It's black with at least 4 circular lights on each angle and it appeared exactly as the letter V but with 2 wide sides as on the left side of this V.

So what does this all mean? First for the past few months I've shown all these "signs" from within the clouds... water, lighter than air, being pushed around above us creating these beautiful works of art. And it all started with the V I mentioned in my other pages, the nightime vision I saw. Now, I'm seeing it in broad daylight on the edge or near edge of a photo? But it's not a white cloud that turns in mid-flight as I've described, but it stands still (according to the picture), hovering over the background, with it's (underside?) showing clearly with its circular lights. What could it be? Well, I'll tell you. A Black V shaped unidentified flying object is what.


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