Let's look at the Shroud of Turin.


On a recent show on Religion, the Shroud of Turin is being exposed as a fake, of if not a fake, not the image of Christ, as the years of the Shroud are not as old as in Christs' day. Therefore with this new evidence, I cannot rightfully now compare the shroud with the images I have taken of a "face" in the sky. Though my "face" is as authentic as it can be, as it is a picture taken of the sky clouds and formed to create an image that can only be construed as real, yet, the Shroud is a physical item, which can be discredited, I will leave the shroud image here to be used as a comparison on facial features (if you can see the facial features as I can in the sky image). Let's assume that both the shroud image and the web image are similar if not the same, in my opinion. We may have had a comparison of the face of Jesus Christ!!

Rollover images:

Single images:

I am a very spiritual person. GOD is everywhere and when I look to the skies, I realize I am then being spoken and I listen, as words are not the only method in which one listens.

SKY EYE images can be construed by some people as possibly being a pareidoloia phenonmenon. However, these images speak for themselves. Without being edited yet clearly showing distinct lines, such as sketches and at times, color, speak for themselves. I will be adding more as they're seen. Enjoy!

Keep looking up at the skies. Spread the word with what you see.

If you download any images, they may be larger than they appear here.

Copyright information: Images other than the clouds and one hidden are copyrighted from the Vatican Museum.



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