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Crop Circles!! What if the V_cloud, the boomarang, the Cloud that is depicted in these pages, is just that... a cloud? Well, actually, it is. This is not artificial intelligence, this is not a robot. This is the wind! And the cloud touch is to identify itself. It's what's creating these crop circles. There are eye witnesses that these circles just appear in front of them. What could create something like that except the wind or an invisible spaceship? At one time in a crop circle answer to mans prior message to the universe, the reply was included to say, "Beware disceptable messengers...." which may be for us not to accept some of these crop circles which may be false.

So what consists of wind, clouds, quickness, invisibility? Something celestial.

What if we are actually here on earth as a support system to something bigger? What if?

Since about September 2015, the clouds moved away and the pictures, detailed images such as the star, the queen and other beautiful images made of the clouds have been swept away with the new clouds/images to be revealed at a later date. So far, nothing but dark skies and heavy clouds. It appears that sadness has overcome the celestial sights for now.

   Sky photos with a religious tone.

These are all on The images below are included in most of the videos. Check them out. Come here to download the picture.

Chalice Bearer

Most, if not all of these are photos with religious tones.

And here is a list of the other pages here on this site. The pages below are in no particular order. This is the most up to date page, since the big news hit. 2016
Black UFO?

Here are past pages, 2015.


I will add more below as I put them together from this past summer and fall 2015.

My belief may mislead you so I will allow the images to talk intead. There's no place to blog. If you found this site, that's it. Enjoy!

See the G in the red?
Isn't that GOD'S hand touching the crown?

compare with next image

3 with Chalice in Hand

exclamation Point


I will be adding more soon. Enjoy!
Keep looking up at the skies.